Dear Friends,

God has begun a great work here at The Rock Church!

In just 12 years we've seen God grow our church to over 1,200 weekly worshippers meeting in 5 different services at 2 locations. Recently, the Bangor Daily News said, "It appears that The Rock Church is the fastest growing church in the Bangor area in the last 50 years." To God be all the glory! Although we've seen hundreds baptized and thousands make commitments to Jesus Christ, we believe God has even greater things planned for our future.

Our MINISTRY is UNFINISHED! Think of your family, friends, neighbors, classmates and coworkers right here in the Bangor area who don’t know Jesus yet. We must give these folks an opportunity to hear about Jesus. We must do all we can ,with all we have to reach as many of these people as we can for Jesus Christ and make them into disciples. The problem is, where are we going to put all these people?

Our BUILDING is UNFINISHED! Buildings are an important tool that will help us reach more people and make more disciples. At our Bangor Campus our building is full. We need more seats, more children’s space, more office space, more bathrooms and more meeting rooms. At our Orono Campus we need a permanent presence to better serve this community.

Our MISSION to reach Maine is UNFINISHED. We haven’t even begun to reach our redemptive potential here in the most unchurched region of the United States. So many Mainers need a relationship with Christ and we need to bring the Gospel to them. Their eternal destinies are at stake and God expects us to do something about it. What is more important than this? Nothing!!

Finally, God ISN’T FINISHED with YOU either. Through our UNFINISHED generosity campaign we are going to ask you to pray about taking some of the boldest & biggest steps of faith in generosity you have ever taken. We are asking 100% of our church family to get involved in UNFINISHED.

We are now in a season of transformation as individuals and as a church family. We invite you to engage deeply with everything you’ve got, all for the glory of God and well being of others. We feel so blessed to lead such an exciting group of wholehearted followers of Jesus Christ.

Kirk & Lisa Winters

Kirk and Lisa portrait.jpg