Unfinished Building

Good stewardship of the property God has given us in Bangor begins with maximizing the property’s potential. This facility and property buildout began with the 200 parking spaces already added because of the generosity of our church during the Legacy Campaign. We now look forward to more than doubling our seating capabilities without having to move locations or purchase more land.

There is nothing inherently spiritual about parking and seating - the value comes when we realize that each of these spaces and each of these seats represents room for a PERSON to be eternally connected to God and to The Rock Church. Unfinished Building is all about maximizing our potential to reach more people for the glory of God. Our expanded space will include:

  • A 652-seat auditorium 
  • An inviting lobby which will include more windows for lighting, space with room for people to connect, a cafe area for conversations, and more
  • A transformation of our current facility into an attached, safe, and secure TRCKids space with an inviting area for checking-in
  • Office spaces that will allow for greater productivity 
  • Rooms for our Dream Team, conferences, meetings, and prayer