Next Steps

Ask God which parts of your life are unfinished and what it means to be part of this opportunity to see the people of Maine be reached by a community of believers who love Jesus deeply.

Give Generously
Trust God to lead you in what it means to have Him first in every area of your life - including money and generosity. Pray to understand how your giving is directly connected to the impact our church will have on our community. Be one of the first of the 100% to engage by making a two-ear generosity commitment.

Encourage others at The Rock to embrace what it means to be unfinished: share your vision, lead a small group, begin conversations with your fellow Dream Team members. Tell your story and explain how you see unfinished furthering God's work in Maine.

Key Dates

Vision & Worship Night
Thursday, January 18 & Friday, January 26 at 6:30PM.

Unfinished Sermon Series
February 22 - March 15

Advance Commitment Night
March 15 at 6:30pm
Husson's Gracie Theatre

Commitment Weekend
Thursday, March 22 & Sunday March 25